Affordable and convenient!

Regular course information

Not only can you purchase one Really items that you use every day at a great price,
This is a convenient service that saves you the trouble of ordering every time, and you won't forget to buy it for a long time.


regular course benefits

  • 1

    ever since the first time
    10% off!

    You can purchase with a 10% discount from that day.

  • 2

    Free shipping nationwide!

    If you are in Japan, we will deliver free shipping regardless of the total amount of shopping.

  • 3

    A present that is nice to continue!

    Depending on how many times you continue,
    We will send you a present.

Reasons why regular courses are useful

  • POINT.1

    Choose your delivery cycle

    You can choose your favorite cycle from 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months delivery intervals.

  • POINT.2

    Save time when ordering

    Since the product will be delivered on the specified date every time, you can save the trouble of placing an order and prevent forgetting to buy. It can be used continuously without running out of cosmetics.

  • POINT.3

    You can change or cancel the delivery date

    You can change the next delivery date or pause the next delivery, such as when there are extra products. You can change it from My Page up to 15 days before the delivery date.