What is Agaricus Himematsutake?

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We will introduce。


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Agaricus is a general term for all mushrooms in the Agaricus genus.。

In other words, the name of a type of mushroomと!

So what is good about Agaricus?の?

May stimulate immune function、As a result, prevention and suppression of cancer development、

Also, reducing side effects associated with cancer treatment、

It is expected that the immune-activating effect will improve the effectiveness of drug treatment.。

A noteworthy ingredient that is expected to activate the immune system and improve the body's condition。

2. What is Himematsutake?何?

What is Agaricus blazei、A type of Agaricus、
A rare mushroom that can only grow in limited environments!
Scientific evidence has shown that it is effective against lifestyle-related diseases and cancer.す。
The only Agaricus that has scientific evidence is Himematsutake.。
The research has been ongoing for over 30 years.。
ヒメマツタケ one really

3. Our commitment to Matsutake mushroomsり


Rich in vitamins and minerals

Sugarcane bagasse: Scraps left over from squeezing sugarcane, rice bran, etc.など、

We grow our plants in domestic nurseries using carefully selected materials.ます。

Considering residual pesticidesUsing sugarcane bagasse grown without pesticides、

It took about two long months of careful preparation.、

We have created a seedbed and are cultivating Matsutake mushrooms.。

Everything from cultivation to product processing、

This is 100% domestically produced Matsutake mushroom.。

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