Agaricus new product! HIME JELLY (Agaricus jelly)

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This is a new product of Agaricus (Princess Matsutake).

Health charge starting from one a day!

source of energy jelly

By detoxing from the inside

Jelly that supports and fills beauty

Delicious and healthy with a refreshing apple flavor

★Until now! 1 g of maximum agaricus is added to 1 jelly.

The calorie content of one jelly is 11.5 kcal

For breakfast or after taking a bath at night!

It's delicious even when chilled, so you can use it as a snack!

It's convenient to carry around, so you can use it in the office or on the go!

Quickly and easily anytime, anywhere!

A supplement developed to effectively deliver the power of carefully selected ingredients to every corner of the body. Not only does it contain ingredients that activate cells, it also improves hormone balance from the roots and nurtures rich hair from the roots, leading to plump and voluminous shiny hair. It is a jelly that is particular about delivering it to the corner.

point 1.

Uses purely domestic agaricus (Himematsutake), the only one with scientific evidence

point 2.

5 carefully selected ingredients

Condensing only the living real thing

Main ingredients



Cells throughout the body from head to toe
support the activation of


・Royal jelly

youthful skin, hormonal
Balance and Agaricus
Outstanding synergy with



Gives hair firmness and elasticity
Supports hair shine


・ Hihatsu Extract

By eliminating the cold, the blood
by supporting circulation
Helps to nourish hair papillae


・Bean sprout extract

Unstable due to aging or stress
Support for improving the hair growth cycle

For people like this

◎Glossy everyday
◎ Every day is clean and healthy from the inside
◎Immune and resistance care
◎ Basal metabolism
◎ menopausal improvement
◎Physical recovery during pregnancy and postpartum care
◎ For men
◎ Activate cells
◎ Prepare the scalp environment
◎ Maintain firmness and volume
◎ Supports hair from the root

How to serve

Please enjoy 1 to 2 bottles a day as a guide.

If you chill it, you can enjoy it even more deliciously.